Barriers to ICT education

Throughout this couse I have examined many innovative technology tools that can facilitate highly effective learning experiences. However, the obstacles that teachers often face when implementing these tools in the classroom has not been addressed.

I have brainstormed some of the key barriers that teachers face when planning and implementing ICT learning experiences below:
  • Time- creating websites, wequests, podcasts and other technological tools can be time-consuming. Teachers may only be allocated a certain amount of class time in the computer lab each week or fortnight.
  • Confidence
  • Access- Not all classrooms and schools have access to ICT tools such as interactive whiteboards.
  • Resistance or fear of change
  • Technological faults: If technological tools fail to work properly, teachers may be more reluctant to plan ICT learning experiences
Collaboration with other teachers, professional development and participation in online professional groups may assist educators to overcome these barriers.


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