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Hello all,

Just a quick post. I haven't officially started looking at all of the technological approaches outlined in the course, however I wanted to post this video as I really thought it related to my first post about change, education and technology.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this video and what it means for educators.


Kiara said...

Hey Chloe,
That is a really interesting and thought provoking video. The statistics that were presented astounded me as they are so confronting and really make you think 'what is our future going to be like?'. The comment about us as teachers preparing students for jobs that are yet to be created, makes our jobs as teachers even more important. I believe this is so as we need to create responsible, futuristic and outgoing lifelong learners who tackle all of the challenges they are going to face. Last but not least when the statistics support that students are using different form of technology constantly.Therefore as teachers if we utilise this 'natural ability','life skill' or 'technology usage' however you wish to phrase it,then will the learners not be fully engaged in the learning experiences they are provided with.

Excellent Video.


Chloe's Learning Journey said...

Hi Kiara,

Thanks for taking the time to watch the video. It does have some scary statistics! It really makes you think about the importance of education and ICT's. I think we need to prepare students for a world of constant changes. Contemporary society is constantly bombarded with new information. Perhaps one of our goals as educators isn't to fill our student's mind with knowledge, but to teach them the skills that they need to access this knowledge.

Glad you liked the video.

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