Online quizzes are innovative and efficient means of testing students or encouraging students to recall information. I created this quiz at class marker. Creating quizzes online is less time-consuming then writing tests with paper and a pencil. Users can edit the test at any time. With online quizzes, teachers do not need to worry about marking answers.

However, if online quizzes are not implemented in an engaging and purposeful way they could be ineffective. If educators do not carefully plan learning experiences involving online quizzes they may be incorporating traditional and often detrimental approaches towards assessment.

Online quizzes may be an effective means of assessing secondary or adult learners. However, I would rarely use them as a form of assessment in a primary classroom. I would use online quizzes to make web pages interactive and enable students to practice recalling knowledge. When online quizzes are implemented in this way they align with Kearsley and Schneiderman’s Engagement Theory which suggests that students need to be engaged in learning experiences`(2001).

I found another interesting site called ‘RubiStar’. RubiStar enables teachers to create rubrics online for project- based learning activities. Rubistar enables users to view hundreds of rubrics created by teachers.

Teachers can also create rubrics using templates for nearly every project imaginable, including digital storytelling and collaborative work skills. Rubistar is an extremley useful tool for assessing students.


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