I think that one of the reasons that ‘YouTube’ is so popular is because it is so easy to search and find videos. It is very ‘user friendly’. YouTube is a practical way of incorporating ICT’s into learning experiences. Videos can be highly effective when they are relevant to learning experiences. They are often a means of linking learning experiences to ‘real-world’ contexts. Videos may also enhance learning experiences for students who are predominantly visual and audio learners.

The YouTube video below was discovered by one of my peers at uni. She suggested that this video could be used in an upper- primary science learning experience. This video could be used in conjunction with a unit that focused on ‘space’.

According to the learning design framework, videos could be a learning resource used to conduct tasks (Oliver, 1999). Videos can be used to scaffold learning and engage students in problems, investigations, projects and role plays.

Another website that is useful for finding educational videos is TeacherTube. TeacherTube enables teachers to browse by subject area and year level.


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