Flickr is a photo management and sharing application which enables images to be stored online.

I created a flickr account and uploaded images, which are displayed above using a tool called ‘flickrin’. Flickrin allows users to embed flickr images in a blog or website.

Using flickr is very uncomplicated. Users upload images from their computer. This is my flickr photostream.

Flickr is a valuable resource for teaching. It can be used to document students learning experiences and create photo stories. Flickr images can be used as prompts for creative writing.

I found the flickr cartoon above at bubblr. Bubblr is an application that lets you add captions to any photo. You can create comic strips using flickr images. Bubblr could be an effective resource for upper primary learning experiences. Students could upload their own images or select images from flickr and create their own comic strip.

Learning experiences that incorporate flickr can align with the active learning design framework as flickr facilitates creative, meaningful and authentic tasks. Flickr may also enhance learning for students who are predominantly visual learners.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe, This Bubblr application looks great. Like you said, it would be an excellent resource in an upper primary classroom. I also think this application would be useful for any grade level. There would be great opportunity for literacy learning wherever it is used. I know I like to read comics. Nice resource:)

Chloe's Learning Journey said...

Thanks Carl, reflecting back on my post, I agree with you that the Bubblr application could be used for any year level.

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