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Google Earth could be described as a 'virtual globe' that enables users to view locations all over the world from their computer. The potential of Google Earth as teaching tool is incredible.

Google Earth enables teachers to access real maps and images which makes learning relevant and authentic. Imagine being able to view the location of a field trip on Google Earth before you actually visit it. Google Earth can be used to teach geography, maps, culture and history. Students can measure and calculate real distances and angles.

Kearsley and Schneiderman state that learning must be linked to ‘real world contexts’ (1999). Educators can use Google Earth to engage students in learning experiences that are authentic, innovative and linked to ‘real-world’ contexts.

Connectedness to 'real world' contexts forms part of Education Queensland's Productive Pedagogies Framework (2002). Learning experiences with high levels of connectedness to the world enable learners to see explicit links between what they are learning and 'real world' contexts (Education Queensland, 2002). Google Earth may be a valuable tool for facilitating learning experiences which have connectedness to the world.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe, it's true when you say that Google Earth can be linked to 'real-world' contexts. Students can easily make the link because it is their world. They can see their country, state, city, suburb and right up to their front door. A great tool for engaging students :)

Wendy Hargreaves said...

Hi there Chloe and Carl,

You bring up some valid points about Google Earth. Another fantastic tool for our classrooms that's free. It is quite amazing to to watch Google Earth in action as it launches you across the globe to various destinations and help you uncover all sorts of useful information about these locations.

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