Image manipulation and other fun tools

The internet provides users with the tools to do just about anything. Image manipulation is easy with sites like picnik. I uploaded a photo of my sister and I to picnik and had fun playing around.



I have used picnik before to edit photos for websites. Picnik can make simple images look very effective. I am really impressed with Picnik. It has a wide variety of editing options and is relatively ‘user friendly’. The possibilities with picnik are endless.

Students could use picnik to edit photos to make them more exciting for presentations or assignments. Teachers could use picnik to add interest to documentation displays and photos of students engaged in activities. Students could upload and edit several images to create a comic strip or picture story.

I found another tool on the net called ‘image chef’. Image chef creates interesting images using text or photos. I made the sticky note below and tv screen image using image chef.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe, I think it is great that you can explore the internet and find such great resources suitable for the classroom. 'Image Chef' for example is just one great tool you have made known to all of us. I'm sure there are many more throughout your blog that we can all add to our repertoire of teaching delivery technologies. Nice work again :)

Chloe's Learning Journey said...

Thanks Carl, I'm glad your enjoying my blog. Its fun finding new tools and I find that even simple tools can be used in versatile ways.

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