I have downloaded teacher podcasts for my ipod and have found them to be extremely useful tools for professional development. Podcasts are a very convenient and mobile means of learning. Podcasts can be more than audio files. They can contain a mix of audio, video and images. The main advantage of using podcasts to facilitate learning is their mobility. Podcasts allow students to learn wherever and whenever they want.

Flangan and Calandra suggest that the potential of podcasting is only limited by the resourcefulness and creativity of teachers (2005). I brainstormed some ideas for using podcasts in the classroom below:

  • Students could create their own ‘News Broadcasting Station’ and summarise current events
  • Documenting students learning experiences: Students read stories that they have written, etc.
  • Students summarise, critique and reflect on books that they have read
  • Students create their own jingles or advertisements

Creating a podcast enables students to share learning experiences which aligns with Kearsley and Schneiderman’s Engagement Theory (1999). Kearsley and Schneiderman claim that learners need to “interact with others” (1999). Podcasting facilitates collaboration in an innovative way. Carefully planned, engaging learning experiences which incorporate podcasts enable learners to participate in self directed learning in which they can create, plan and communicate ideas.


Wendy Hargreaves said...


You have thought of some wonderful and engaging tools for podcasting within your classroom. Podcasts could also be used to record a teachers lesson which would be a useful tool to a child unable to attend a classroom for example. Schools could also produce a podcast to make an announcements via their website.

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